Paul Murr is the soul of Parallax Project. It's usually like that with drummers. They say and do all the stuff we wish we had the guts for. Paul is an accomplished percussionist (classically trained, mind you), and he possesses a stylistic range that would make Gene Hackman blush. From his days in the engine room of DC's alt-rock heroes The Hollows, through the bleeding-edge hippie grooves of The Inca Campers (imagine Phish fronted by an accordion player), Paul covers it all with the same mixture of concrete and dynamite that people like Keith Moon used to deal in. Paul and Michael are quite the popular rhythm section these days, as they have provided the rock for recordings by Darcie Miner, Adam Kowalczyk, and Milkshake Jones.

He can also cite the most ridiculously arcane pieces off Philadelphia Eagles lore, and he drinks Jim Beam like it's freakin' Gatorade.