Perpetual Limbo

This song languished in the graveyard for quite some time. It was written shortly after the release of "Oblivious", when we were just a trio, but then given new life by two things: Matt Thomas, and a mild obsession with HBO's "Six Feet Under". It hit me that SFU was really about all these people that expended so much energy over their problems, but never really solved anything...Perpetual Limbo. Factoid: This is the 2nd of Paul's one-take explosions. He laughs every time he hears it, because he thinks it's so "over the top". I disagree.

Music & Lyrics by Michael Giblin c. 2006 Gibtunes ASCAP

Michael Giblin -Fender Bass, Vocals, Danelectro electric guitar
Paul Murr - DRUMS!!!

Matt Thomas - Farfisa organ, Korg poly-synth
Jim Patton -
Fender Telecaster electric guitar, guitar solos