Michael is the bassist, lead singer, and principal songwriter in Parallax Project. While the band actually started as a studio outlet for his songwriting, Michael quickly realized that he loved rock bands too much to ever really go that route. His love of brainy, nerdy punk and new wave music is apparrent in most of the work that can be found on his lengthy discography, from the literate singer/songwriter fare of Jeffrey Gaines and Darcie Miner, through the ultra pop of cult heroes Cherry Twister, all the way up to the contemporary sound of LIVE's Adam Kowalczyk. Michael is known as much for his crafty, melodic style of playing as he is for his large and obnoxious vocabulary.

A true Type A multi-tasker, Michael also owns and operates Red Chuck Studio, where he produces albums and projects for emerging artists in the Middle Atlantic region. Check out the Studio Page to learn more about it.